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Miriam Mitschka is a new attorney for labour law and medical law at CMS


Dr Miriam Mitschka (30) offers comprehensive advice in all areas of labour law and on all questions of medical professional law. She also provides support in resolving internal (i.e. workplace) conflicts and represents clients in court and administrative disputes.

Miriam Mitschka joined the CMS employment law team in 2018 and advises on individual as well as collective employment law issues. In addition to labour law litigation and internal conflict resolution, her main areas of practice include advice on digital work practices, anti-discrimination law and questions of professional law for medical healthcare professionals. Christoph Wolf, Partner at CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz, comments: “We are delighted to have Miriam Mitschka on board as an attorney. She always succeeds in developing robust and practical solutions for our clients based on the latest scholarly and juridical developments in labour and social security law."

Excellence in theory and practice

Miriam Mitschka studied law in Vienna and Amsterdam and won the Austrian Moot Court in civil law with her team. She specialised in labour and social security law during her studies. She worked first as a study assistant, later as a university assistant at the Institute for Labour and Social Security Law at the University of Vienna and then as a research assistant in the labour and social security law department of the Supreme Court.

In her doctoral thesis she dealt with the law regarding non-physician health-care providers. The research was funded by the Vienna Chamber of Labour, among others, and awarded the Dr Maria Schaumayer Prize. She also passed her bar exam with distinction.

Miriam Mitschka lectures at several Austrian universities, scientific institutions and further education institutions and has authored numerous publications

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Miriam Mitschka is a new attorney for labour law and medical law at CMS
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