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Renewables Support Mechanisms Across Europe

A Comparative Study


European nations must co-ordinate key elements of the financial incentives they offer to renewable energy projects if the continent is to remain a leading destination for long-term investment in the sector.

As part of its regular review of renewables incentive regimes across Europe, CMS has highlighted a recent trend towards ‘legislative arbitrage’, with some investors jumping from one attractive jurisdiction to another seeking to exploit disparities in the underlying economics behind renewable energy incentives on offer in different European countries.

The Comparative Study of Renewables Support Mechanisms Across Europe, offers an overview of the current status of renewables support mechanisms across Europe, covering 23 jurisdictions in which CMS operates and is designed to aid comparison of the different regimes.

For more information, including to request a copy of the full 70 page Comparative Study, please contact Rupert Hartzhauser.

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Renewables Support Mechanisms Across Europe
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