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Rupert Hartzhauser completes the top management of CMS Vienna as COO


The expansion of CMS Vienna’s corporate management is due to the firm’s financial growth in Austria and CEE. Rupert Hartzhauser is the ideal candidate for the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz: he has more than seven years’ experience with CMS—first as Head of Business Development in Vienna and then as International Director of Business Development in Frankfurt. He returned to the Vienna headquarters on 1 September 2019.

With immediate effect, Rupert Hartzhauser will take over numerous management tasks that have become necessary due not least to the thriving business situation at CMS in Vienna and its ten subsidiaries in Southeastern and Eastern Europe. He is responsible for the finance department, coordinating the support departments and assisting the firm in strategic questions. In this function, Rupert Hartzhauser will participate in the Management Committee meetings chaired by Managing Partner Johannes Juranek, an advisory body comprising four of the firm’s partners. “Thanks to his background, Rupert Hartzhauser knows CMS Vienna just as well as the international CMS network and can therefore contribute a great deal to unifying our national strategies with the global CMS strategy,” says Johannes Juranek.

By appointing a COO for the first time, CMS Vienna is reacting to the growth of the specialist departments and adapting corporate structures so that partners and lawyers can best focus on their areas of expertise. “As Chief Operating Officer, one of my main tasks is to act as a connecting element and to ensure optimal coordination of all areas of the firm,” says Rupert Hartzhauser. “In addition, of course, I will bring the experience I have gained internationally over the past three years to the table, and I will make the results of numerous CMS best practices from other countries available to our firm.”

Rupert Hartzhauser is not only distinguished by his many years of work for CMS and his most recent international management function. He and CMS also benefit from the skills he has already developed in renowned law firms and other related industries to establish new business areas, implement new processes and assume overall responsibility in areas such as knowledge management and compliance.

A picture of Rupert Hartzhauser for use free of charge is available here.

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CMS Vienna appoints Rupert Hartzhauser as COO
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