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Startups and the law

CMS illuminates the most important legal issues for founders of companies in their Pioneers Spotlight Session


With around 2,500 guests expected, the Pioneers Festival on the 24th and 25th of May in the Vienna Hofburg is an absolute highlight in the start-up scene. If start-up founders want to ensure that their pioneering venture does not come to a sudden end, then they also need to deal with legal matters. The international law firm CMS in Austria has extended its range of services to now include specialisation in advising young companies. A range of topics will be discussed in the spotlight session, which takes place on the second day of the festival. These topics are not only important in the initial phases of company development but are also of great value in ensuring long-term successful development.

The strength of start-ups lies not only in the courage required to get something new off the ground but also in their wealth of ideas. The company still needs to act within a legal framework, even when the founders’ goal is something “disruptive.” Start-up founders all too often find themselves in difficult situations, either because their own start-up has not been sufficiently protected or because the legal regulations were not complied with.

Gregor Famira, team leader for the CMS Vienna Start-up Initiative, explained, “CMS has its own start-up group consisting of lawyers who deal with the various issues relevant for founders of start-ups. These issues are extremely varied and range from questions such as ‘How can I protect my business ideas?’ ‘Which legal form best suits our company,’ and ‘What needs to be taken care of if there are several founders?’ to questions about contracts with members of staff and suppliers, authorisation to represent and the expulsion of shareholders.”

As part of the Pioneers Festival, CMS deals with questions of law relating to the initial phases of company development and then gives the Spotlight Session participants answers to these questions. Under the title “Safely sail around the cliffs of regulation!”, CMS Partner Gregor Famira and CMS attorney-at-law Gabriela Staber discuss company founders’ obligations and responsibilities, as well as topics such as data protection, copyright protection, trademarks and know-how.

Spotlight Session Powered by CMS
Wednesday 25th of May 2016
Pioneers Festival, Vienna Hofburg
Register at: www.pioneers.io/festival2016/spotlight

You can find a photo of Gregor Famira here.

Startups and the law
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