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Stay Up To Date With The Data Law Navigator And The Expert Guide To E-Signatures In Commercial Contracts


We are pleased to present two publications that have been among the most frequently accessed guides since being published on our website: the CMS Data Law Navigator and the CMS Expert Guide to E-Signatures in Commercial Contracts. Their popularity is certainly linked to the current COVID 19 pandemic, which is leading to an unprecedented amount of working from home. This, especially in the context of a lockdown, offers fertile ground for cyber attacks. At the same time, the physical distancing required by the pandemic has boosted the existing trend towards the extensive use of electronic signatures.
We at CMS are enthusiastic about technology and have extensive experience in providing legal advice to companies on data protection and cyber security. Our CMS Data Law Navigator combines our knowledge and experience to provide you with an overview of the current legal situation in these two areas. It covers as many as 35 countries - including Austria.

Our CMS Expert Guide to E-Signatures in Commercial Contracts is almost as comprehensive. Austria is of course included among the 28 countries. The guide deals with electronic signatures in commercial contracts: find out more about the various areas of application, current court practice, and the legal requirements that must be met in the respective jurisdictions.

We would also like to encourage you to visit our Data Protection Insight page. It contains various documents from our Thought Leadership series, compiled by CMS teams from around the world.

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