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The Austrian Construction Contract: Updated Practical Guide for the Efficient Handling of Construction Projects


The authors Wolfgang Hussian and Nikolaus Weselik present their new version of the standard work on the legal issues that arise in construction practice. Under the title "The Austrian Construction Contract", Hussian, head of the PORR legal department, and CMS Partner Weselik, one of the leading construction and real estate lawyers, have once again produced a compact overview that offers support to technicians and lawyers alike.

The construction industry and its clients have faced major challenges recently, especially due to the corona crisis, which stopped or delayed numerous projects. Before and after the corona crisis, what matters is to manage construction projects in the most efficient manner possible. The new edition of the practical guide "The Austrian Construction Contract" provides essential assistance in this respect, dealing with such important topics as the conclusion of the contract, documentation obligations, claims for damages, takeover and accounting.

Innovations in construction contract law

As in the first edition, CMS partner Nikolaus Weselik and Wolfgang Hussian have included numerous examples and tips with practical relevance. The new edition takes into account the relevant case law as well as the Austrian construction contract law that has been passed in the meantime. It also contains various sample formulations that provide a practical basis for the construction process.

Thanks to the different backgrounds of the authors, "The Austrian Construction Contract", published by Linde Verlag, encompasses the perspectives of all parties involved, benefitting both technicians and lawyers working on construction projects.

About the authors

Wolfgang Hussian has headed the legal department of PORR AG since 2004. He is chair of the Construction Industry Association Legal Committee and a member of the ÖNORMEN Committee 015 (procurement).
Nikolaus Weselik is a partner and head of the specialist group for construction and real estate law at CMS in Vienna. He has more than 20 years of practical experience and currently also heads the Working Group for Construction Contract Law and Construction Procedural Law of the Austrian Society for Construction Law and Construction Industry (ÖGEBAU).

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The Austrian Construction Contract: Updated Practical Guide for the Efficient Handling of Construction Projects
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