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“Connecting companies”: CMS and ATIS maintain economic relations between Austria and Turkey


The international commercial law firm CMS and the Association of Austrian and Turkish Entrepreneurs and Industrialists (ATIS) have once again proved that initiatives and cooperation don’t always (have to) originate in the political sphere. Together they organised a concert of the renowned Borusan Quartet at the Wiener Konzerthaus last Saturday.

Just as relations between Austria and Turkey have a long tradition, CMS in Vienna and ATIS have been committed to ensuring a successful economic partnership between the two countries for many years now. Once again this year, they invited some 350 guests to a concert performed by the famous Borusan Quartet, not only introducing them to works by Austrian and Turkish composers, but also sharpening their awareness of the importance of economic relations between Austria and Turkey in a symbolic way.

The link in the chain here between the internationally active law firm and ATIS is Döne Yalçın, who has been professionally active in both countries from the very beginning of her career. Even before joining CMS, she provided support to foreign investors looking to expand their activities to Turkey, as well as to Turkish investors with their business activities in Austria and the EU. Today, she is a partner at CMS in Vienna, head of the CMS office in Istanbul, a member of the supervisory board of DenizBank AG and president of ATIS, and she is deeply committed to relations between Austria and Turkey: “An evening like this, involving so many directors and company executives, is extremely important for maintaining good economic relations between these two countries. Over and beyond such events, both CMS and ATIS work tirelessly throughout the year to bring as many projects as possible to a conclusion or to break new ground.” Döne Yalçın continues to be the only female attorney-at-law licenced to practice both in Austria and Turkey.

Art meets business

The four musicians of the Borusan Quartet are global stars in the field of chamber music, contributing every year to strengthening economic ties between Austria and Turkey, most recently with their performance upon invitation by CMS and ATIS. The group, which has been the recipient of numerous international awards, can itself be seen as a symbol of the deep connection between Austria and Turkey, as the four exceptional musicians have themselves both studied and lived in Vienna for varying lengths of time.

CMS’s commitment in Turkey

While Austrian and other European investors were supported from the office in Vienna when entering the Turkish market between 2006 and 2012, CMS opened its own office in Istanbul in 2013 led by the Turkey expert Döne Yalçın. CMS provides legal counsel to clients with business in Turkey, in many cases across international borders as well.

For further events at CMS in Vienna please refer to the cms.law website under Events.

Photos from this evening, which was supported by Wedco, elektrabregenz, Denizbank, AS Handel and Sabex, are available to download free of charge here:

Picture 1 (ATIS President Döne Yalçın (3rd from the left) with the Borusan Quartet and the ATIS board members © Christoph Breneis, Wiener Konzerthaus)
Picture 2 (Borusan Quartet,© Christoph Breneis, Wiener Konzerthaus)
Picture 3  (Borusan Quartet,© Christoph Breneis, Wiener Konzerthaus)
Picture 4 (Gökhan Aybulus,© Christoph Breneis, Wiener Konzerthaus)

“Connecting companies”: CMS and ATIS maintain economic relations between Austria and Turkey
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