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17 May 2021
In­ter­im meas­ures in Tur­key
1. Ap­plic­able law 1.1.1 Tur­key is a civil law jur­is­dic­tion. The pil­lars of Turk­ish private law are the Civil Code, the Com­mer­cial Code, the Private In­ter­na­tion­al Law Code and the Civil Pro­ced­ure Code. 1.1.2...
20 April 2021
Tur­key: Com­pet­i­tion Au­thor­ity presents de­tails of the con­cili­ation pro­ced­ure
On 16 March 2021, Tur­key is­sued the "Com­mu­niqué on the Com­mit­ments Offered Dur­ing the Pre­lim­in­ary In­vest­ig­a­tion and In­vest­ig­a­tion on Re­strict­ive Agree­ments, Con­cer­ted Prac­tices, De­cisions and Ab­use of...
16 April 2021
Tur­key is­sues com­mu­niqué to cre­ate de min­imis flex­ib­il­ity in com­pet­i­tion...
On 16 March 2021, the Turk­ish Com­pet­i­tion Au­thor­ity (the "Au­thor­ity") is­sued the Com­mu­niqué on Agree­ments, Con­cer­ted Prac­tices and De­cisions of As­so­ci­ations of Un­der­tak­ings Not Ap­pre­ciably Re­strict­ing...
31 March 2021
E-sig­na­tures in com­mer­cial con­tracts in Tur­key
1. Defin­i­tion and form­al re­quire­ments of writ­ten leg­al state­ments or leg­al state­ments leg­ally bind­ing if the law re­quires writ­ten form Writ­ten leg­al state­ments shall in­clude the sig­na­ture of the party...
24 March 2021
Care homes in Tur­key
1. Which laws ap­ply to open­ing care homes? Prin­cip­al reg­u­la­tion: Reg­u­la­tion on Private Nurs­ing Homes and Eld­erly Care Centres.  2. Is the care home op­er­at­or re­quired to have a pres­ence in the loc­al...
15 January 2021
Tur­key in­tro­duces Com­mer­cial Elec­tron­ic Com­mu­nic­a­tion Man­age­ment Sys­tem
The Turk­ish Min­istry of Com­merce (the "Min­istry") has made sig­ni­fic­ant amend­ments to the Com­mer­cial Com­mu­nic­a­tions and Com­mer­cial Elec­tron­ic Mes­sages Reg­u­la­tion, which over­sees com­mer­cial com­mu­nic­a­tions...
08 January 2021
Tur­key amends Com­mu­nique on cap­it­al loss prin­ciples and pro­ced­ures neg­at­ive...
On 26 Decem­ber 2020, the Com­mu­nique on the Amend­ment of the Com­mu­nique on Pro­ced­ures and Prin­ciples Re­gard­ing the Ap­plic­a­tion of Art­icle 376 of the Turk­ish Com­mer­cial Code No. 6102 (Amend­ment Com­mu­nique)...
16 December 2020
Tur­key: land­mark de­cision on post-pan­dem­ic rent ad­just­ment
In a de­cision that could serve as im­port­ant case law re­gard­ing the im­pact of the pan­dem­ic on con­trac­tu­al re­la­tion­ships, the Bursa Re­gion­al Court of Ap­peal re­cently ac­cep­ted a res­taur­ant own­er­'s in­ter­im...
05 October 2020
Re­struc­tur­ing and in­solv­ency law in Tur­key
1. What is the primary le­gis­la­tion gov­ern­ing in­solv­ency and re­struc­tur­ing pro­ceed­ings in your jur­is­dic­tion? In­solv­ency and re­struc­tur­ing pro­ceed­ings are mainly gov­erned by the Turk­ish En­force­ment and...
07 September 2020
Con­sumer Products News­let­ter
Be­low you will find the top­ics of the news­let­ter:EUROPEAN UNI­ON ART­ICLESEU Com­mis­sion Shows Re­tail Al­li­ances The Yel­low CardEU's New Farm To Fork Strategy: New La­beling Re­quire­ments And A "Meat Tax" -...
Ef­fects of the COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic on the func­tion­ing of court sys­tems in...
Gov­ern­ments and pub­lic au­thor­it­ies are tak­ing fur­ther meas­ures in or­der to slow down the spread­ing of COV­ID-19. The meas­ures, of course, also af­fect civil (in­cl. in­solv­ency), crim­in­al and ad­min­is­trat­ive...