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Miriam Mitschka

Attorney-at-Law for employment law and medical law

CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Gauermanngasse 2
1010 Vienna
Languages German, English

Field of activity

Miriam Mitschka is a lawyer working in the fields of labour law and medical law. She advises national and international companies on the design of recruiting processes, remuneration practices, working time models, compliance management and restructuring. In addition to labour law litigation and intra-company conflict resolution, she also advises medical healthcare professions on questions of medical professional law.

Previous professional experience/training

Miriam Mitschka joined the CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz employment law team in Vienna in 2018. She studied law at the Universities of Vienna and Amsterdam. Before joining CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz, Mitschka worked as a university assistant at the Institute for Labour and Social Law at the University of Vienna, a research assistant at the Austrian Supreme Court and an associate at a boutique labour law firm in Vienna. Her dissertation dealt with contracts between health insurance carriers and providers of health services. 

Lecturing activities

She lectures in equal treatment law, labour law and recruiting, as well as leadership, personnel & diversity management and medical law at various Austrian research and higher education institutions. She has also authored numerous publications about labour and social security law. 

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  • 2017 – Doctoral degree in law, University of Vienna
  • 2012 – Master’s degree in law, University of Vienna
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  • Vertragskonstruktionen des nichtärztlichen Vertragspartnerrechts (Contracts between social security providers and non-physician providers), in: Tomandl (ed.), Aktuelle Probleme der Gesundheitsversorgung (2018) 25.
  • Kein Recht auf den gleichen Job nach der Karenz (No right to working in the same position after parental leave), in: Der Standard of 04/06/2018 (Mitschka/Tinhofer).
  • Frauen in Aufsichtsräten: Großer Plan, kleiner Wurf (Women on supervisory boards: big plan, little results), in: Der Standard of 24/03/2018 (Mitschka/Steiger).
  • Doppelter Kündigungsschutz (Two-fold dismissal protection), in: Österreichische Juristen-Zeitung 2017, 932.
  • Kostenerstattung von Wahlphysiotherapeut/innen (Reimbursement of costs for private physiotherapists), in: Das Recht der Arbeit 2016, 203.
  • Arbeitsrecht und Arbeitswelt im europäischen Wandel – Tagungsband der 6. Assistententagung im Arbeitsrecht (Transitions in labour law and the world of work on the European level – Proceedings of the sixth university assistants’ conference on labour law) (2016) (edited by Krömer/Mitschka/Niksova/Pfalz).
  • Die verfassungsrechtliche Zulässigkeit des nichtärztlichen, extramuralen Vertragspartnerrechts auf dem Prüfstand (Assessing the constitutionality of the contract law for non-physician, extramural providers), in: Das Recht der Arbeit 2015, 454.
  • Zulässige Kettenvereinbarungen von befristeten Dienstzeiten im Rahmen von unbefristeten Dienstverhältnissen (Lawful successive agreements on limited periods of service in the context of permanent employment relationships), in: Das Recht der Arbeit 2015, 101.
  • Die Beistellungs- und Kostentragungspflicht für Arbeitskleidung. Zugleich ein Beitrag zur Risikoverteilung im Arbeitsverhältnis (The obligation to provide and bear the costs of work clothing. Likewise a commentary on risk distribution in employment relationships), in: Zeitschrift für Arbeits- und Sozialrecht 2014, 304 (Mitschka/Steiner).
  • Alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen? Offene Fragen zur Altersdiskriminierung bei der Anrechnung von Vordienstzeiten (Old wine in new bottles? Open questions regarding age discrimination in the recognition of previous periods of service), in: Kietaibl/Schörghofer/Schrammel (eds.), Liber Amicorum für Robert Rebhahn (2014) 73 (Mitschka/Pfalz).
  • Kollegiale Auseinandersetzungen und Unfallversicherungsschutz (Confrontations in the workplace and accident insurance coverage), in: Das Recht der Arbeit 2014, 112.
  • Die Auswahl der Krankenanstalt (Selecting a hospital), in: Das Recht der Arbeit 2013, 484 (Mitschka/Schörghofer).
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