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Ruth Bittner


CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Gauermanngasse 2
1010 Vienna
Languages German, English, Russian, French


Ruth Bittner's main practice area as an attorney-at-law is public procurement law; she also practices in the fields of public commercial law and competition law & EU. Her work in public procurement law covers all industries, and she concentrates on the construction, infrastructure and health care sectors.

Ruth Bittner has several years of practical experience advising and conducting award procedures for public clients as well as advising and supporting companies in award procedures and review procedures under public procurement law.

Her expertise includes public procurement law issues with international implications and on special legal bases, such as public procurement based on the "Procedures and Practical Guide" (PRAG) and public procurement based on the Regulation on Public Passenger Transport Services (PSO),. In addition, Ruth Bittner has experience advising on public private partnerships and the award of concessions and conducting bidding procedures under state aid law.

Previous professional experience / training

Before joining CMS, Ruth Bittner gained professional experience during various internships in Austria and abroad. She worked in the legal department of an Austrian construction company, a renowned law firm in Vienna as well as in Moscow and Taiwan. She has been part of the procurement team at CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz since March 2017.


Ruth Bittner has published a number of articles in professional journals.


  • 2016 - Marie Andessner Dissertation Grant (dissertation title: "Current Developments in Public Procurement Law – On the Way to More Transparency?").
  • 2015 - Municipal Science Prize of the Austrian Association of Towns and Municipalities for her diploma thesis entitled "The Direct Award with Prior Notice according to Section 41(a) BVergG".
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  • Bittner, "Exclusion periods" and the successful route to self-cleaning, ZVB 2019/53
  • Bittner, Framework agreement: "Secondary" contracting authorities and the obligation to indicate a maximum quantity, ZVB 2019/41
  • Bittner, Limitations in defining performance requirements, ZVB 2019/29
  • Bittner, Deviation from the primary product: Equivalence must be proven with the offer, ZVB 2019/8
  • Elsner/Bittner, No obligation for bidders to proactively disclose group connections, ZVB 2018/92
  • Bittner, Highlights of the case law of the VwGH and ECJ: 2017 - The year of suitability?, ZVB 2018/15
  • Elsner/Bittner, Transposition of the EU Public Procurement Directives 2014 in Austria, European Journal of Public Procurement Markets, 2018/1
  • Bittner, Contracting authority: The "indirect" fulfilment of non-commercial needs in the general interest, ZVB 2018/7
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Lectures list

  • Speaker at the MANZ annual conference on public procurement law
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  • 2019 - Bar exam with distinction
  • 2017 - Doctoral studies in law with distinction, University of Salzburg
  • 2016 - Bachelor of Law and Economics, University of Salzburg
  • 2014 - Diploma in Law, University of Salzburg
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