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Central Eastern Europe and Russia - Helping you meet the challenge


Whether newcomers to the market or established for some time, it is important for businesses operating in Central and Eastern Europe to have high-quality legal advice.

In particular, CMS has:

Expertise on the business and the location: legal expertise is only half the story: companies need advisers with a thorough understanding of their business, and of the region, to help exploit the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of trading in emerging markets.

Experience at delivering results: CMS has a track record of handling matters from complex, high-profile deals through to more modest, though no less important, transactions.

The ability to identify challenges: we keep a constant eye on the rapidly changing regulatory and commercial environments. Our awareness of political context and cultural sensitivity is a vital foundation for investment decisions.

A flexible approach: whether rapidly scaling up our service to meet the demands of a major deal, or simply offering one-to-one advice on specific business matters, we have the flexibility to deliver the legal services you need, when you need them.

It’s with these qualities that CMS can help your business achieve its potential in Central and Eastern Europe.

Central Eastern Europe and Russia - Helping you meet the challenge
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Jean-François Marquaire
Managing Partner