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CMS Employment Snack: Restructuring and Mass Redundancies

Podcast series and webinar recordings


The impact of Covid-19 on the global economy poses significant challenges to numerous companies. Many are now forced to restructure their businesses to ensure their economic survival. Mass redundancies are often the consequence.

Our CMS Employment Snack Webinar and Podcast Series provides you with all you need to know about restructuring opportunities and the requisite legal framework when tackling this often daunting task.

Our many years of practical experience in this area allow us not only to advise you on the legal challenges of restructuring, but also to offer you practical guidance when designing and implementing these legally compliant restructuring measures.

Each webinar/ podcast is country-specific and addresses the relevant national legal framework. 


Our Austrian “menu” covers: 

  •  short time work, restructuring and other options
  • works council involvement in drafting and implementing restructuring measures
  • early warning system for mass redundancies
  • social plans in the light of severely reduced economic capacities
  • Q&A Session

Language : German
Speakers: Andrea Potz, Daniela Krömer and Christoph Wolf



  • What qualifies as a collective redundancy?
  • How long does it last and how much does it cost?
  • How should negotiations with the unions and works council be conducted?
  • What legal and practical issues may arise during the process?

Language: English
Speakers: Amela Žrt and Mia Kalajdžić 





Picture of Christoph Wolf
Christoph Wolf
Picture of Daniela Kroemer
Daniela Krömer
Attorney-at-Law for Labour Law and EU Law
Picture of Andrea Potz
Andrea Potz
Picture of Amela Zrt
Amela Žrt
Picture of Mia Kalajdzic
Mia Kalajdžić
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