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Duties & Responsibilities of Directors


Tougher regulation and closer scrutiny of executive responsibilities is now an established feature of the corporate landscape across Europe and beyond. Knowing the rules governing directorships is vital, especially for companies who are expanding through cross-border M&A activity or launching ventures in new jurisdictions.

CMS has updated and expanded its international Guide to Duties and Responsibilities of Directors. The new edition focuses on the rules for the most common form of company in 24 European jurisdictions, plus new chapters covering Brazil, China, Mexico and the Gulf states of Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

The Guide is intended to provide an overview of the duties and responsibilities of directors across these 29 countries, answering the most frequently asked questions for directors coming from another jurisdiction. The CMS Corporate publication is an excellent piece of know-how to help clients assess the rules applicable to executive/managing directors and to understand how those differ from country to country.

Duties & Responsibilities of Directors


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