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Limited zoning and bargaining area rules as a new instrument for regional planning according to the wr BauO-Novelle 2014 (Amendment to the Vienna Building Regulations 2014) – Part 1


The latest reform of the Vienna Building Regulations contains not only simplifications of the administrative process and more flexibility in the area of building regulations but also two new instruments in the area of regional planning. The first instrument is the rezoning of land in planning schemes as, for a limited period, building land. The second instrument creates the pre-requirements for regional planning goals to be realised using civil law, meaning through the use of civil law contracts. These are the so-called bargaining area rules. The first part of the article deals with the rezoning option’s scope of use and the options allowed by constitutional law with regards rezoning for a limited period of time, whilst the second part deals with bargaining area rules (bbl 2014/2).

Befristete Baulandwidmung und Vertragsraumordnung als neue Instrumente der Raumordnung nach der wr BauO-Novelle 2014 – Teil 1
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Martin Trapichler