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The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Austrian Limited Liability Companies


CMS partner and corporate law expert Johannes Reich-Rohrwig has largely contributed to the manual “Die Generalversammung der GmbH” (The annual general meeting of shareholders of the GmbH, the Austrian limited liability company) as a co-publisher and author.

The annual general meeting receives little attention as long as shareholders see eye to eye. But when opinions diverge and shareholders resort to “legal viewpoints”, shareholders of a GmbH are well advised to know their rights prior to, during and following an annual general meeting and be able to defend them through appropriate legal steps. The manual gives practitioners an insight into the complex topic. Pros and cons of various courses of action at an annual general meeting are discussed. These are complemented by practical tips for ensuring that rights are safeguarded.

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Portrait of Johannes Reich-Rohrwig
Johannes Reich-Rohrwig