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Discover thought leadership and legal insights by our legal experts from across CMS. In our Expert Guides, written by CMS lawyers from across the jurisdictions where we operate, we provide you with in-depth legal research and insights that can be read both online and offline. You can also find Law-Now articles with focused legal analysis, commentary and insights to help you anticipate future challenges and much more.

Ver­schär­fung der Trans­par­en­zp­f­licht­en
News­flash | Nov­elle des Bundes-Ver­fas­sungs­ge­set­zes
News­flash | New reg­u­la­tions for in­ter­na­tion­al data trans­fer
News­flash: Stand­ard data pro­tec­tion clauses for in­ter­na­tion­al data trans­fers to be­come in­val­id at the end of 2022
Spot­light on Sus­tain­ab­il­ity II Decem­ber 2021 - Con­sumer Products News­let­ter
Wel­come to the Decem­ber 2021 edi­tion of the CMS Con­sumer Products News­let­ter!
Work­ing from Home Act (Homeof­fice-Ge­setz)
Work­ing from home (known in Ger­man as “homeof­fice”) has be­come in­creas­ingly im­port­ant dur­ing the COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic. The draft of the pre­vi­ously an­nounced new leg­al reg­u­la­tion on re­mote work­ing is...
CMS On your radar | Is­sue 13
In this edi­tion of On Your Radar we look at in­ter­na­tion­al re­sponses to lift­ing lock­down and re­turn­ing to the work­place. Pan­dem­ics press fast for­ward on change, and we wanted to un­der­stand the glob­al re­sponse...
Sky vs. SkyKick: The CJEU lets trade­mark own­ers breathe a sigh of re­lief
On 29 Janu­ary 2020 the CJEU de­livered its eagerly awaited judg­ment in the Sky vs. SkyKick case. However, the rul­ing does not have the wide-ran­ging con­sequences that were ini­tially ex­pec­ted based on the...
CHINA - Up­dated Trade­mark Act
On 1 Novem­ber 2019, the latest amend­ment to the Chinese Trade­mark Act came in­to force. The very wel­come new pro­vi­sions strengthen brand own­er­s' abil­ity to fight against product pir­acy and trade­mark coun­ter­feit­ing...
CMS On your radar | Is­sue 11
Evol­u­tion or re­volu­tion? How should em­ploy­ment law ad­apt to re­spond to the chan­ging pace of the world of work?  The glob­al growth in the gig eco­nomy has brought a vari­ety of loc­al chal­lenges. Laws which...
New Ob­lig­a­tions for So­cial Plat­forms
We of­ten en­counter rough lan­guage on so­cial me­dia, some­times even lan­guage that vi­ol­ates the law. This leads to in­creas­ing ob­lig­a­tions for the op­er­at­ors of so­cial me­dia, demon­strated by the case Glaw­is­chnig...
CMS - Fo­cus­ing on Funds – Lux­em­bourg Brexit
This Fo­cus­ing on Funds is an alert with re­spect to the Brexit re­mind­ers is­sued by the Lux­em­bourg reg­u­lat­or ("CSSF") to all firms cur­rently au­thor­ised un­der CRD, Mi­FID II, PSD 2 or EMD in the United King­dom...
On your radar | Is­sue 10
We are happy to share the tenth edi­tion of On your radar which brings you up­dates on key em­ploy­ment law de­vel­op­ments across jur­is­dic­tions.Spe­cif­ic re­sponses to uni­ver­sal themes make in­ter­est­ing read­ing...
CMS On your radar
We are happy to share the ninth edi­tion of On your radar which brings you up­dates on key em­ploy­ment law de­vel­op­ments across jur­is­dic­tions.As we look ahead to our sum­mer hol­i­days, the Slov­aki­an de­vel­op­ment...