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CMS Webinar - Smart Contracts: From Clauses to Code

Beyond Law & Innovation Webinar Series

Past event
26 May 2020, 14:00 - 15:30 UTC +02:00

This webinar will dive into the ever moving ecosystem that defines the blockchain-based smart contracts and decentralized applications.

The webinar will be presented by CMS lawyers, Tom De Cordier and Deven Dobbelaere and our guest speaker Florent Dubois. Florent Dubois is managing director at Cryptodevise and specialized in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and large scale IT project management. Florent has been in charge of several business transformation projects for the European Institutions in the HR area, and implemented a voting solution for the Belgian social elections

Together we analyze how blockchain technology works and how it allows to build decentralisation of consensus and bring transparency, security, and immutability to meet different technical, business, and legal design options. We will also present, in a practical way with live demos, a picture of the existing blockchain technology and use of smart contracts in 2020 and the key technical concepts behind it.

The goal is to explain in simple terms opportunities and limitations of smart contracts. In particular: 

  •  what are smart contracts and how they are technically built;
  • from clauses to coding: how to implement legal contracts in coding;
  • what are oracles and how a smart contract can interact with the physical world;
  • how to launch a decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain; and
  • few examples of working business use cases using smart contracts with experiments on stage

Participants will be able to grasp the principles of the smart contracts, understand the impact such technology can have on legal relationships and how it could partially reshape some industries in the near future.

"Beyond Law & Innovation" webinar series

The business world is changing more rapidly than ever before. New technologies and innovative business models are requiring companies and organisations to be reactive and anticipate changes to turn challenges into opportunities. With our brand-new webinar series, "Beyond Law & Innovation", we aim to help you stay one step ahead of the latest developments and technologies that you could deploy to help you achieve your business goals more efficiently and to ensure the future of your and your clients' business.

Further sessions in this series will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

  • 26 May


Portrait ofTom De Cordier
Tom De Cordier
Portrait ofDeven Dobbelaere
Deven Dobbelaere
Senior Associate
Portrait ofFlorent Dubois
Florent Dubois
Managing Director | Cryptodevise