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Webinar: How travelling around the world will change in the coming months

Past event
25 June 2020, 14:00 - 15:20 UTC +02:00

The Travel industry is facing a difficult year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. If travel changed after 9/11, how will it look after COVID-19? Are the rules for business travel the same as for tourist travel?

The pandemic is affecting the industry as a whole, but with specificities for each sector. 

For example, how is the COVID-19 outbreak affecting aviation? Is air transport a resilient industry? Should financial aid to airlines be made conditional on improving energy performance?

What are the implications for the insurance industry? Businesses worldwide are looking to mobility to help them reach into rapid growth markets and forge the global mindset expected from today’s business leaders. Their employees leave for both short-term and expatriate assignments. Employers are forced to rethink their approach to managing the risks of modern mobility. Are cross border people and risk under control?

Our CMS legal expert Cedric Guyot and our speakers Waldo Cerdan Lopez (Aviation Expert) and Maxime Manderlier, International People Mobility Consultant at AON Belgium will discuss these and other topics during our Post Covid-19 Webinar ‘How travelling around the world will change in the coming months’ on Thursday 25 June. This Webinar will be organized in collaboration with our Business Partner American Chamber of Commerce.

  • 25 June


Portrait of Cedric Guyot
Cedric Guyot
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Waldo Cerdan Lopez
Aviation Expert
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Maxime Manderlier
International People Mobility Consultant | AON Belgium