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CMS expands in Norway

CMS joins forces with fast growing and top-ranking law firm in Norway, uniting over common goals in energy, renewables and ESG


Frankfurt, 15 June 2021. The leading global law firm CMS announces that Kluge has today joined it as a full member firm. With onboarding expected to be complete by October, the Norwegian firm with its 100-year legacy will henceforth be known as CMS Kluge.

The addition of Kluge and its deep local market understanding further strengthens CMS’s presence in key business hubs in Europe. For over 20 years, CMS has developed a track record of partnering with like-minded, independent firms with a rich heritage that are focused on the delivery of excellence for clients. In 2019 two African firms and in 2017 three Latin American firms joined CMS. As of today, CMS has 79 offices in 44 countries and more than 5,000 lawyers worldwide. Kluge has 153 lawyers, with offices in Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger.

CMS and Kluge have strong synergies in energy expertise, in particular renewables, as well as M&A and technology, which provide significant opportunities for cross-border advisory and transaction work for both firms. Supporting clients as they navigate the ESG agenda and the journey to net zero carbon and clean energy is of vital importance to both firms and will form a large part of their continued growth.

Pierre-Sébastien Thill, CMS Chairman, said, Kluge’s local expertise and international mindset, as well as excellent reputation, are a good strategic fit for CMS as we strengthen our foothold in key European markets and continue on our path to become a genuinely global law firm.”

Matthias Lichtblau, CMS Executive Director, said,Our clients see Norway as a major opportunity since it’s a highly successful export-oriented economy, with an increased focus towards renewable energy and more sustainable business. Many CMS clients are already active in the region, so building a presence there is a natural step for us. Also, clients in Norway will now have full access to CMS, one of the top global legal organisations.”

Norwegian firms are increasingly requesting advice on cross-border business. This expansion will enable CMS to have a presence in the Norwegian market, while Kluge will benefit by strengthening its international profile, further fuelling its already strong growth and gaining access to CMS’s existing global client base.

Bjørnar Alterskjær, Managing Partner at Kluge, said, “Our clients increasingly expect that we can provide seamless legal advice on cross-border matters. By joining CMS, we will become part of a unique collaborative structure and be able to efficiently draw upon a large pool of highly specialised resources all over the world.”

Renaud Dupont, Managing Partner of CMS Belgium: “We look forward to collaborating with our Norwegian colleagues and the opportunity to strengthen our position in Europe and worldwide.”

New technology will have a huge impact on the way legal services will be provided to clients in the future. By joining a large global law firm such as CMS, Kluge will be able to invest in and utilise the best available legal technology for the benefit of its clients.

CMS' strategy is to develop a strong Nordic platform and together with Kluge from its first foothold in Norway will develop business opportunities in this high-growth region that could benefit from a holistic approach.

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