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FARE workshop in Limerick

Regulatory and Economic Challenges to Regional Airports


Regulatory and Economic Challenges to Regional Airports facing the changing environment


Panel 1: Post-Charleroi case scenarios – EC state aid rules in question? 13.30-15.00

The recent decision of the European Court of First Instance has upheld Ryanair’s appeal against the European Commission in the infamous Charleroi case. EC Guidelines, which have been in place since 2005, are subject to broad criticism as ineffective and constraining airport development. The Commission will soon have to review existing regulations. To what extent will the recent developments change regulator’s approach? Where do we go from here? How can we build a regulatory environment that encourages growth and recognizes the economic importance of regional airports? 

Speakers: Chris Cain - Project Director at Newquay Cornwall Airport – FARE chairman  Diego Canga Fano – Deputy Head of Cabinet to Antonio Tajani, EC Transport Commissioner  Annabelle Lepiece - Senior Associate, CMS DeBacker  Edoardo Vinci – Lawyer, Legal Consultant of SOGEAAL, Alghero Airport  Klaus Klipp - Secretary General, Assembly of European Regions 15.00-15.30: Coffee break

Panel 2: Regulatory and business challenges to regional airports– too much to handle? 15.30-17.00

Running a regional airport in a constrained regulatory and business environment is a challenging task. The regulatory burden on regional aviation is widely regarded by the industry as disproportionate and affects the competitiveness of the sector. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not reflect the diversity of the regional aviation market. The aggregated costs for regional aviation -national aviation duties, ETS, airport charges – grow larger with every year. Retail business is very important to keep regional airports commercially viable. Can air carriers’ policies affect the regional airport business?

Speakers:  Neil Pakey - Chief Executive Officer, Liverpool John Lennon Airport  David Gering - Commercial Director Aviation, PR & Communication, Brussels Charleroi Airport  Frank O’Connell – President, European Travel Retail Council  Ronald Schnitker – Director of Legal Affairs, Eindhoven Airport  Mike Rutter – Chief Commercial Officer, Flybe.com 19.30-21.00 – Welcome dinner 

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Annabelle Lepièce