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Portrait of Tom Reingraber

Tom Reingraber

Senior Associate

CMS DeBacker
Uitbreidingstraat 2
2600 Antwerp
Languages Dutch, English, French

Tom Reingraber is a senior associate in the Antwerp insurance and litigation team. Tom has extensive experience in insurance, commercial and corporate litigation, as well as in drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial contracts. Prior to joining CMS, Tom worked for the litigation departments of the largest independent business law firms in Belgium. Tom is an affiliated researcher at the Institute for Procedural Law at the Catholic University of Leuven and is also a member of the editorial board for procedural law of the Journal des Juges de paix/Tijdschrift van de Vrederechters (JJP). Tom regularly speaks at seminars and has published numerous articles within his fields of expertise. 

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Memberships & Roles

  • Affiliated researcher at the Institute for Procedural Law – Catholic University of Leuven
  • Member of the editorial board for procedural law of the Journal des Juges de Paix (JJP)
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  • T. REINGRABER, “Het lot van de rechtsplegingsvergoeding en de tegenvordering bij afstand van geding”, (noot onder Vred. Westerlo 20 juni 2018), T. Vred. 2020, 251-254. 
  • T. REINGRABER and S. VOET, “Bevoegdheid en bewijs in commerciële geschillen”, (noot onder Vred. Oudenaarde – Kruishoutem 29 oktober 2015), T. Vred. 2017, 618-622.
  • Y. LENDERS and T. REINGRABER, “Retention of title under Belgian law”, in IBA (ed.), Retention of title in and out of insolvency, Surrey, Globe law and business, 2015, 37-46.
  • T. REINGRABER and J. WILLEMS, “Commentaar bij art. 98 WIPR”, in I. COUWENBERG e.a. (eds.), Duiding internationaal privaatrecht, Brussel, Larcier, 2014, 759-761 en J. CALLEBAUT e.a. (eds.), Duiding koopverkoop van onroerende goederen, Brussel, Larcier, 2018, 827-829.
  • B. ALLEMEERSCH and T. REINGRABER, “De bevoegdheids(her)verdeling”, in B. ALLEMEERSCH e.a. (eds.), Nieuwe Justitie, 2014, 47-80.
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  • 2011 – University of Antwerp (Master in Law)
  • 2012 – Catholic University of Leuven (LL.M Intellectual property law)
  • 2012 – Bar admission (Brussels, Belgium)
  • 2019 – Bar admission (Antwerp, Belgium)
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