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"Beyond Law & Innovation" Webinar Series

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The business world is changing more rapidly than ever before. New technologies and innovative business models require companies and organisations to be proactive and to anticipate changes to turn challenges into opportunities. With our webinar series, "Beyond Law & Innovation", we aim to help you: 

  • understand legal risks and opportunities that arise from digitalisation and innovation; and
  • stay ahead of the latest developments and technologies that your organisation could deploy to help you achieve your business goals more efficiently.

Webinars in this series

9 September 2020: "Digital transformation: seizing the opportunity whilst avoiding the pitfalls"

11 June 2020: "CMS Webinar: Digitising the in-House legal team…and what it means for you"

26 May 2020: "Smart Contracts: From Clauses to Code"


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Further sessions in this series will be announced soon. Stay tuned!