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Cash Pooling in Central and Eastern Europe


In times where cash is a scarce commodity, it is more important than ever for corporate groups to use their available funds wisely. 'Cash pooling' within corporate groups makes it possible to manage liquid funds in such a way. However, setting up such cash pools raises a number of legal questions. The answers vary by country and have to be reviewed regularly.

Owing to the importance of this topic, we have produced a guide on the topic of Cash Pooling. It provides you with a brief overview of the legal issues related to cash pooling in various Central and Eastern European jurisdictions and assists you to understand some of the potential civil and criminal liabilities associated with the use of cash pooling. In addition, the guide outlines some potential legal solutions for structuring cash pooling to minimise your risks.

As advisors to major national and multinational groups in, we have a significant experience in handling these situations, and we are in the position to advise you in using cash pooling within your corporate group in order to avoid the related risks.

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