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CMS Guide to Employment Issues in an M&A Transaction


The CMS Employment and Pensions Group has published an update of the CMS Guide to Employment Issues in an M&A Transaction.

Although M&A projects tend to be driven by corporate or tax lawyers, in many cases labour law issues have a significant influence on whether or not the deal is successful. Information / consultation / codetermination rights (of both employees and their representatives) as well as sophisticated case law relating to business transfers may jeopardise the satisfactory completion of a transaction or create additional costs and sometimes even administrative fines or other liabilities. The CMS Guide to Employment Issues in M&A Transactions provides a comprehensive overview of labour law requirements to be taken into account when dealing with an M&A transaction in 20 countries.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this guide or if you would like us to introduce you to an appropriate CMS lawyer in any jurisdiction of particular interest to you.


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