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CMS Network Sharing Study 2016

Sharing gathers pace


CMS is delighted to be presenting the second edition of its study on the sharing of communication networks in the EU and around the world. The first edition was highly influential and received a great deal of interest; the second edition goes into the topic in even greater detail and covers several more countries. Consequently, this second edition of the study is further-reaching and allows the drawing of more detailed and important conclusions about the structures and mechanisms for the sharing of telecoms networks.

This is of particular significance as the 5th generation of communications technology begins to be rolled out with all its potential for the internet of things.

Viable commercial and legal structures are essential as is clear regulatory guidance; this study and its thought leadership content represent a very important and valuable means of providing both objectives.

For further information please contact Tom De Cordier at Tom.DeCordier@cms-db.com.

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