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June 2010 newsletter


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There is no need to reiterate that Belgium faces an important moment in its history.

The quality of the discussions between political partners aiming to form the next government and to reform the institutions will impact the credibility of the country on the international scene.

The Belgian case is gripping. It is not only being followed closely by the chanceries but also by citizens, in Europe and beyond. Failure by our negotiators would for many mean the end of the paradigm of living together in a 21st century globalized world. Success would provide a precedent and bring hope to all those who seek a miraculous solution.

Beyond the question of harmonious coexistence of cultures and languages in a common territory, it is public governance which, through an agreement inspired by reason and heart, could gather the necessary tools to allow the country to take up the challenge of the future. Let us wish good luck to those we elected.

Eric Gillet
Head of Public Practice

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