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June 2014 Newsletter


The goal of our newsletter is to keep you abreast of recent legal and tax developments in the various areas where our firm has recognised expertise. 


Dear reader

The recent national and regional elections confirm the setting established by our most recent institutional reform: Belgians wish for regions to have more power to manage their economic development and to have greater freedom and autonomy in terms of resource management.

As a law firm that is looking to the future, we are closely following the radical changes currently taking place in our country and we are dedicated to helping our clients to manage the risks and seize the opportunities.

Our firm has always strived to follow a twofold strategy: working closely with the economic and political decision-makers while maintaining our independence. It is precisely in this spirit that our annual event "Wallifornie" has been held last week under the theme of "A Walloon economic recovery, myth or reality?".

On this occasion, a group of industry leaders, including Vincent Reuter (UWE), Bernard Delvaux (Sonaca), Renaud Witmeur (Sogepa), Eric Mestdagh (Mestdagh Group) and Alexis Meeùs (Degroof Bank), have presented their views on Wallonia’s future to some 60 company directors & managers.

They touched upon the evolution of Wallonia's economy, the role of public authorities and the measures they would like to see adopted to support the economic recovery which is slowly but surely taking shape.

Without a doubt, the evening has been highly informative as, we hope, will be this newsletter. We wish you an enlightening and enjoyable read.

Jean-François Goffin


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