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March 2010 newsletter


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Public governance, is it a political phenomenon, irreducible to the rationality of law, which falls under the province of another logic?

On 30th March, CMS DeBacker will publish a collective work exploring the relation between public management and law through the evolution of authorities’ actions over the past 20 years. The authors closely examine the concept of new public management, which questions the efficiency of public action and encourages authorities to assimilate private sector management tools. They analyse what underpins the increase in number of agencies, public private partnerships, regulations and soft law.

The book describes the EU-imposed constraints weighing on the organisation and the financing of public services, state aids and state intervention in ailing businesses. Public action is assessed in light of the new societal challenges, the dire state of public finances, the pressures of climate change and urban development. Finally, a section is reserved for the problem with companies in difficulty.

The book reflects the firms’ multidisciplinary experience of the public sector, an experience gained over more than 20 years. It will peak the interest of public and private decision-makers alike.

Eric Gillet - Head of public practice

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