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March 2011 newsletter


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Dear reader,

As a leading social networking site opens a Benelux sales office in order to target business-to-business clients, it’s worth looking at the impact of new technologies on work relations.

New technologies have for years been changing the way companies function: an increase in the number of exchanges, the speed of the exchanges, better reactivity to the exchanges. Therefore, companies, which have become more and more dependent on the new technologies, want their processes and workers to be as “connected” as possible. Indeed, this fast-growing movement offers companies unlimited opportunities in terms of the organization or improvement of their processes. However, as workers are becoming more and more connected to the outside world, the boundary between their private and professional lives is fading.

At present, that’s the main issue regarding the use of new technologies at work: the right of the employer to exercise control over his workers versus the right of workers to have their private lives respected at work. Where does the right balance lie? What kind of evidence may we use as an employer? To help you to answer those questions, we have written a book entitled “Nouvelles technologies et droit du travail”.

Stanislas van Wassenhove, Managing Partner, & Pierre Degouis

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