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November 2009 newsletter


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Dear reader, 

It is very uncommon to speak about green shoots in the middle of Autumn. However, certain indicators seem to suggest that the economy is slowly recovering. 
While this is good news, we still have a lot to do to make the economic upturn a solid and genuinely sustainable one. Many things require far reaching changes. Think only of climate change, sustainable development and the liberalization of world trade, not to mention the financial system, and the magnitude of the challenges becomes clear. While some issues do exist for years, the current crisis forces us to have a hard look at ourselves without any further delay. 
Nowhere is this truer than in the public sector. Faced with wide-ranging, at times conflicting, demands for intervention to meet the current challenges, the pressure on public finance and public governance is significant. 
We felt it was time to assess the current situation and share our findings with you. This is what “Winds of change – Les pouvoirs publics dans un monde en mutation” aims to do. Under this general theme, we will be holding a series of four seminars and a closing cocktail highlighting the different areas of change in the public sector. The first one, on 10 December, will cover the organisation and financing of the public sector. You can click on Winds of change to find out more or to register. 
Apart from that, the November issue brings you a rich harvest of practical articles. 

Eric Gillet - Head of the Public Law practice