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October 2013 Newsletter


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Dear Reader,

All of us have suffered in the past of problems caused by traffic and last week’s numerous traffic jams have hit a lot of employers by causing employees to arrive (hours) late at work or even not showing up. The direct and indirect damage of this is enormous: BECI has evaluated the economic cost of traffic jams in and around Brussels at 511millions EUR per year. Belgian employment law provides with (partial) solutions to this with, amongst other, homework, teleworking and flexible working hours. However, practice shows us that few are the employers who have introduced these schemes in their company, mostly because they ignore their existence.

Informing you about recent legal developments, that is precisely what we aim by sending you our monthly newsletter. In this edition, you will find our enlightenments of hot topics such as the assessment of e-commerce practices and its consequences, the awaited positive impact of accountants on the number of bankruptcies, the possessory lien and abuse of right and much more.

Have an enjoyable read!

Mike De Leersnyder
Partner – Head of Employment

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