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Retail & Franchising

The retail business has its own specificities that require tailor-made answers, reliable from a legal point of view, but also practicable, taking into account all possible operational constraints and opportunities. We strive to give such advice to companies that are active in the retail trade and to operators of commercial networks, whether they are integrated through subsidiaries or whether they call on the services of third parties, whether they are franchisees, agents, dealers, licensees, ...We always look for the most appropriate solution for each company and each network, even if that solution sometimes goes beyond the strict framework of the established legal formulas.

Some members of our team have been active in the retail sector for many years and have developed considerable market-related knowledge and know-how, especially in the sector of “do-it-yourself” stores, chocolate, fast food restaurants, supermarkets, filled kitchens, clothes and fashion, household equipment, second-hand products, real estate, travel agents, fitness, etc.

Business life is becoming ever more complex. Each solution must be studied in all its aspects, both legal and operational. But what are the fiscal implications? Are there consequences on the social level? Is such a solution not in conflict with competition law? CMS DeBacker, with its current team of 75 lawyers who are specialized in almost all business matters, is able to formulate responses in cooperation with dedicated experts in these various matters.

Find out more about our expertise in the retail sector by downloading the brochure below.

Retail & Franchising
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