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Banking Masterclass

Sofia, Bulgaria

Show location
Past event
14 February 2017, 09:00 - 11:00 UTC +00:00

Continuing in its unique training for bankers, CMS Sofia will be offering a series of three breakfast seminars that will provide an overview of standard financing documentation and the specifics of the Bulgarian market. 

The CMS Banking Masterclass is tailored for junior to mid-level bankers (but could also be available for senior bankers, if requested) that frequently deal with real estate and leveraged finance, larger syndicated loans, complex restructurings and other transactions that may involve LMA-style documentation.  Each seminar aims to give, in a concise and practical manner, our know-how on the common issues that arise in the current market practice in such transactions. The event will take place at the CMS office in Sofia. Lecturers will be Gentscho Pavlov and Elitsa Ivanova, partners at CMS Sofia.


Portrait of Gentscho Pavlov
Gentscho Pavlov
Portrait of Elitsa Ivanova
Elitsa Ivanova