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Amendments to the Cadaster and Real Estate Register Act

The new amendments to the Cadaster and Real Estate Register Act introduced in July will ease the process of expansion of a complete cadastral map in the country. The most important benefits of this procedure are that the administration of the cadastral information will be focused in one centralized administrative body, which in turn will lead to unification of the administrative services offered by this body, and a full cadastral coverage of the country will be secured in shorter deadlines.

Another very important aspect of the new amendments is the regulation of a special procedure for correction of a factual mistake in the cadastral mapping. In practice, real estate owners suffer very often from deviations between real estate deeds and cadastral information.

In addition, it is clearly stated that the cadastral file for the respective real estate property does only have a secondary power and does not constitute an evidence for the registered real estate details and rights. Only the original deed, which is reflected in the cadastral file, is considered as an authentic source of information, respectively a deed of prove. Lastly, another step towards electronic government is a possibility for cadastral schedules to be requested and received online.


Darina Baltadjieva