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Check Lists


On its official website, the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs has published the checklist of all inspectorates within its authority. The checklists provide information on legal requirements that should be satisfied by legal entities in order to avoid sanctions during the inspection.

Checklists apply to the inspection procedures conducted by:

Federal commerce inspectorate
Federal health inspectorate
Federal labor inspectorate
Federal urbanistic-ecological inspectorate
Federal traffic inspectorate
Federal agricultural inspectorate
Federal forest inspectorate
Federal water inspectorate
Federal veterinarian inspectorate
Federal mining, thermal power and electric energy inspectorate
Federal food inspectorate

Checklists are available on the Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs web site, local language link:

Tax Administration Controls

At the same time, the Tax Administration of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced controls, using all available resources, over the taxpayers in municipalities Stari Grad-Sarajevo and Čitluk-Međugorje and over the taxpayers performing construction activities on the territory of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These controls are performed every day, starting from 10/6/2017, from 8 am to 24 am, in relation to the following:

  • Illegal employment
  • Illegal performance of business activities 
  • Non-invoicing or non-recording of services/work performed, and

This information is available on the website of Tax Administration of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (local language link): 


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