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German Desk

in Brazil

Are you a Brazilian company interested in entering the German market? Do you already have operations in Germany and want to expand them? Whatever your industry or requirement, we can help you access the opportunities offered by Europe’s largest economy.

We have long experience of working with Brazilian clients, making us the perfect partner for all your legal advice needs. Our Brazil Desk experts bridge the language and cultural differences to deliver effective, efficient support. You also benefit from our local presence at major commercial centres throughout Germany and our strong network of contacts.

Germany is an exciting market and an attractive investment destination. It is one of Brazil’s leading trading partners, but doing business in Germany and the wider European Union involves dealing with a complex and unfamiliar legal environment. Different administrative procedures and business practices also pose challenges, with the potential for delays and undesirable outcomes.

Our special team of lawyers serving Brazilian clients is familiar with all these issues, allowing us to provide relevant support tailored to your specific needs. All our Brazil Desk lawyers speak fluent Portuguese and have a strong understanding of the economic ties between Germany and Brazil, as well as a long track record of successfully advising Brazilian clients.

Our Brazil outbound service is ready to assist you with every aspect of your activities in Germany and the EU, serving as a central point of contact for your legal needs. From distribution of your products to contracts with European customers, from setting up a local subsidiary in Europe to acquiring an existing company, from employment matters to tax law and representation in court and arbitration proceedings – we have the skills and people to help make it happen. Our tight-knit network of lawyers in Germany and beyond combines expertise in all relevant aspects of commercial law with industry knowledge in key sectors such as agriculture, the automotive industry, engineering, real estate and construction, renewable energy, consumer goods, the maritime industry and logistics, banking, IT and technology. The focus at all times is on pragmatic, business-focused advice that supports your objectives. This approach reflects our commitment to long-term client relationships built on mutual trust.

To discuss your specific requirement, please contact us via the online form, email or by phone

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