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Webinar: Helping financial institutions deal with the risks from a changing EU and Brexit

Stuttgart, Germany

Past event
16 March 2016, 10:30 - 12:00 UTC +00:00

Helping financial institutions deal with the risks from a changing EU and Brexit – the UK referendum on 23rd June, the new UK/EU settlement and Eurozone integration and reform. Perspectives from Frankfurt, London and Zurich


Paul Edmondson - head of financial services CMS London

Joachim Kaetzler - head of financial services CMS Frankfurt

Jaspar Landolt - head of financial services CMS Zurich

Duration – 1 hour

This event is aimed at those who want to understand how EU change may impact financial institutions (including banks, insurers and fund companies). It is relevant to legal counsel and to anyone working in the financial services sector, particularly those in legal, risk/compliance and government relations. It is relevant both to UK owned/based businesses and to groups in any part of Europe or beyond.

On 23rd June the UK will hold its referendum on whether to remain within or leave the EU. If it is to remain, the new UK/EU settlement will take effect. Meanwhile progress is being made on the plans for completing EMU across the Eurozone including the Banking Union. Whatever the outcome on 23rd June, these issues will remain critical to the future of the financial services sector across Europe.

The speakers will address the key areas of potential change and risk for financial institutions. They will give a perspective from three major European centres – speaking from the City of London, Frankfurt (the seat of the ECB and heart of the Eurozone) and from Zurich, the leading European financial centre outside the EU. They will consider:

  • What happens if the UK votes to leave?? What has been the experience of Switzerland outside the EU?
  • How would this impact financial institutions and what steps would they need to take to re-structure their operations?
  • If the UK votes to remain in the EU, what will be the impact of the new UK/EU settlement on financial services?
  • What will the completion of EMU and the Eurozone Banking Union mean in practice – from the new EDIS proposals on bank deposits to full union under stage 2 of the plan?


Portrait of Paul Edmondson
Paul Edmondson
Portrait of Joachim Kaetzler
Dr. Joachim Kaetzler
Portrait of Kaspar Landolt
Dr Kaspar Landolt, LL.M.