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Synergie advised by CMS on partnership with employment service provider Cavallo


Zurich – Listed French company Synergie S.A. has established a strategic partnership with Cavallo Suisse Invest AG via its German affiliate, Synergie Personal Deutschland GmbH. The financial details of the arrangement were not disclosed.

Cavallo Suisse Invest AG is the sole shareholder in German Cavallo Personalmanagement GmbH. Cavallo and Synergie Deutschland together operate at more than 30 locations in Southern Germany, generating annual sales of more than EUR 60 million.

A team from CMS Germany and CMS Switzerland headed by lead partner Dr Gerd Leutner advised Synergie on all aspects of the legal structuring and establishment of the partnership. The CMS team developed the legal framework for this alliance across three national borders (Germany, Switzerland, France).

Synergie Personal Deutschland has been part of the Synergie Group since 2011. With around 600 offices in 15 countries, the Group is one of the biggest employment service providers in Europe. The German subsidiary is based in Karlsruhe and operates in Germany with a total of 20 branches across Baden-Württemberg and the Palatinate region.

Cavallo Personalmanagement GmbH is a leading employment service provider in Southern Germany, with operations in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg since 2005. Cavallo employs more than 1,000 workers on a hiring-out basis at 16 locations.

CMS Switzerland

Stefan Brunnschweiler, Corporate/M&A

Daniel Jenny, Corporate/M&A

Florian Jung, Corporate/M&A

Christian Gersbach, Employment

CMS Germany

Dr Gerd Leutner, Lead Partner, Corporate

Dr Hermann Hoffmann, Corporate/Commercial

Dr Sören Langner, Employment

Dr Tanja Hiebert, Employment

Alexis von Kruedener, Trademark Law

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