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CMS ad­vises Bruker on its in­vest­ment in Nav­ign­ostics
Bruker Cor­por­a­tion, a NAS­DAQ-lis­ted US tech com­pany in the ana­lyt­ic­al in­stru­ment­a­tion sec­tor, in­vests in Nav­ign­ostics. Bruker led the CHF 7.5 mil­lion seed fin­an­cing round, which was also joined by Think.Health Ven­tures, Ven­tura Bio­med In­vestors and Zürch­er Kan­ton­al­bank.Nav­ign­ostics strives to sup­port the se­lec­tion of tar­geted and im­muno-on­co­logy ther­apies tailored to the tu­mour phen­o­type of in­di­vidu­al can­cer pa­tients by us­ing ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence driv­en soft­ware com­bined with single-cell re­solved spa­tial pro­teo­m­ic tu­mour data. The fund­ing will strengthen Nav­ign­ostic­s' abil­ity to col­lab­or­ate with clin­ic­al, bi­o­tech­no­logy and phar­ma­ceut­ic­al part­ners and ac­cel­er­ate the de­vel­op­ment of its first dia­gnost­ic product.A team from CMS Switzer­land, led by part­ner Stefan Brunnsch­weiler, ad­vised Bruker on all leg­al mat­ters of the trans­ac­tion. Bruker is a long­stand­ing CMS cli­ent and has been ad­vised by CMS on sev­er­al ac­quis­i­tions and dis­pos­als in the past.CMS Switzer­land­Stefan Brunnsch­weiler, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate / M&APas­cal Stock­er, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate / M&ADr Si­mone Brauch­bar Birkhäuser, Coun­sel, In­tel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty­Hadi Mirzai, As­so­ci­ate, Life Sci­ences and Com­pet­i­tion­Sarah Keller, As­so­ci­ate, Em­ploy­ment 
CMS ad­vised DuPont in its M&M Di­vestit­ure to Celanese
 The glob­al in­nov­a­tion lead­er with tech­no­logy-based ma­ter­i­als and solu­tions, DuPont (NYSE: DD), has di­vested on Novem­ber 1, 2022, the ma­jor­ity of its former Mo­bil­ity & Ma­ter­i­als seg­ment (the “M&M Di­vestit­ure”) to Celanese.Dr Pas­cal Favre led the Geneva team of CMS Switzer­land who ad­vised DuPont Switzer­land and handled all as­pects of the Swiss com­pon­ent of the M&M Di­vestit­ure. The team fur­ther com­prised Audrey Dur­and, Kev­in Mar­cato and Dav­id Müller.For more in­form­a­tion on the trans­ac­tion, please vis­it:  ht­tps://www.dupont.com/news/dupont-com­pletes-mo­bil­ity-ma­ter­i­als-di­vestit­ure-to-celanese.html
CMS ad­vised ISS on the ac­quis­i­tion of Liv­it FM Ser­vices AG
The lead­ing fa­cil­ity man­age­ment and work­place ex­per­i­ence com­pany ISS has ac­quired Liv­it FM Ser­vices AG from its pre­vi­ous par­ent com­pany Liv­it AG. Liv­it FM Ser­vices AG looks after a large pro­por­tion of Swiss Life prop­er­ties in Switzer­land. The com­pany has over 670 em­ploy­ees. The takeover of Liv­it FM Ser­vices AG is a stra­tegic ac­quis­i­tion that strengthens ISS Switzer­land's mar­ket po­s­i­tion. The trans­ac­tion will en­able ISS to ex­pand and de­vel­op its ser­vice de­liv­ery to the real es­tate in­dustry seg­ment. The in­teg­ra­tion of the ac­quired com­pany is ex­pec­ted to be com­pleted in the first quarter of 2023. Liv­it FM Ser­vices AG will op­er­ate un­der the ISS brand in the fu­ture.A team of CMS led by Dr Daniel Jenny com­pre­hens­ively ad­vised ISS on all leg­al mat­ters of this trans­ac­tion.CMS Switzer­land­Dr Daniel Jenny, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate/M&ADr Ferdin­and Blezinger, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate/M&AFlori­an Jung, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate/M&AAl­ex­an­dra Stock­er, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate/M&AReto Hun­sper­ger, Part­ner, Com­mer­cialDr Mar­jolaine Jakob, Part­ner, Com­mer­cial­Christina Winter, As­so­ci­ate, Em­ploy­men­tHelena Loretan, As­so­ci­ate, Real Es­tate­M­ark Ca­gi­enard, Part­ner, Tax
CMS ad­vises on joint ven­ture between Voigt Hold­ing AG and PHOENIX Pharma...
Zurich, 28 Oc­to­ber 2022The Voigt Group and PHOENIX Pharma Switzer­land have agreed to merge their sub­si­di­ar­ies, each act­ive in phar­ma­ceut­ic­al lo­gist­ics and phar­ma­ceut­ic­al whole­sale sec­tors re­spect­ively, in­to a 50/50 joint ven­ture. The two long-es­tab­lished and fin­an­cially sound com­pan­ies are an ideal fit with com­ple­ment­ary of­fer­ings and com­pet­en­cies in the sup­ply chain.Sub­ject to ap­prov­al by the Swiss Com­pet­i­tion Com­mis­sion, this joint ven­ture will cre­ate a new, com­pet­ent and sus­tain­able play­er in the sup­ply chain of the Swiss health­care mar­ket.A CMS Switzer­land team led by Dr Patrick Som­mer provided com­pre­hens­ive leg­al ad­vice to Voigt Group on this joint ven­ture.CMS Switzer­land: Dr. Patrick Som­mer, Part­ner, Lead, Cor­por­ate / M&A, Com­pet­i­tion & EU­Alain Raemy, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate / M&AM­arquard Christen, Part­ner, Com­pet­i­tion & EU­Dirk Spacek, Part­ner, In­tel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty­Dr Si­mone Brauch­bar Birkhäuser, Coun­sel, In­tel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty­Hadi Mirzai, As­so­ci­ate, Life Sci­ences, Com­pet­i­tion & EUAl­ex­an­dra Stock­er, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate / M&AAnna Mast, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate / M&ADr. Mat­thi­as Kuert, As­so­ci­ate, Bank­ing & Fin­an­ceTho­mas Zweifel, As­so­ci­ate, Real Es­tat­e­Christina Winter, As­so­ci­ate, Em­ploy­ment
CMS ad­vised Vista Au­gen­prax­is & Klinik­en on the ac­quis­i­tion of AV­ANTI,...
Vista Klinik Hold­ing AG, dom­i­ciled in Bin­nin­gen (Switzer­land), ac­quired AV­ANTI, Centro Ti­cinese di chirur­gia am­bu­lat­oriale SA (AV­ANTI) on 15 Ju­ly 2022 and is now present in the can­ton of Ti­cino for the first time. AV­ANTI, which was foun­ded in 2007, has three op­er­at­ing rooms with a total area of 605 square metres, as well as a con­vales­cence area and an oph­thal­mo­logy prac­tice spe­cial­ising in ret­in­al treat­ments. AV­ANTI per­forms about 5,000 oph­thal­mo­lo­gic­al op­er­a­tions an­nu­ally. There will be no changes with re­gard to the staff, as they will con­tin­ue to work for AV­ANTI.Fur­ther­more, CMS ad­vised Vista Klinik Hold­ing AG on two oth­er trans­ac­tions in the middle of this year: The pur­chase of all shares in an eye centre with two as­so­ci­ated prac­tices in the can­tons of Aar­gau and Zurich was suc­cess­fully com­pleted, and an­oth­er eye prac­tice in the can­ton of Gris­ons was ac­quired as part of an as­set deal.Vista Au­gen­prax­en & Klinik­en was foun­ded over 30 years ago and con­sists of a net­work of ex­per­i­enced oph­thal­mo­lo­gists and spe­cial­ists with a fo­cus on north­west­ern Switzer­land and the Zurich area. With the afore­men­tioned ac­quis­i­tions, the num­ber of loc­a­tions will be fur­ther in­creased so that the ser­vices of Vista Au­gen­prax­en & Klinik­en can now also be ac­cessed in the Itali­an-speak­ing part of Switzer­land. The range of ser­vices offered by Vista Au­gen­prax­en & Klinik­en in­cludes all treat­ments as well as spe­cial­isa­tions in the field of ret­ina and catar­act op­er­a­tions, the ther­apy of mac­u­lar de­gen­er­a­tion and the cor­rec­tion of re­fract­ive er­rors. In or­der to keep up with the in­ter­na­tion­al state of sci­ence, Vista Au­gen­prax­en & Klinik­en in­vests in for­ward-look­ing re­search activ­it­ies, in the con­tinu­ous train­ing of all em­ploy­ees and in the ex­pan­sion and in­vent­ory of prac­tices and clin­ics.A team of CMS Switzer­land, led by Stefan Brunnsch­weiler and Fran­ziska Ham­mer, ad­vised Vista Au­gen­prax­en & Klinik­en on all leg­al mat­ters of the trans­ac­tions.CMS Switzer­land­Stefan Brunnsch­weiler, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate / M&AFran­ziska Ham­mer, Coun­sel, Cor­por­ate / M&ASamuel Fe­lix Gang, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate / M&AAnna Mast, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate / M&AMiryam Meile, As­so­ci­ate, Em­ploy­ment­Mar­zia Schil­leci, As­so­ci­ate, Lit­ig­a­tion­Premton Haziri, At­tor­ney Train­ee
CMS ad­vised ACE SWISS Group on the sale of a ma­jor­ity stake in Cas­inò Lo­c­arno...
Zurich, 22 Septem­ber 2022The ACE SWISS Group has sold a ma­jor­ity stake of 81% in Cas­inò Lo­c­arno SA to Stadtcasino Baden AG and will re­tain a 19% stake.Be­sides Cais­nò Lo­c­arno, the ACE SWISS Group op­er­ates Casino AD­MIR­AL in Mendrisio. In ad­di­tion, it also holds minor­ity stakes in oth­er lead­ing Swiss casi­nos: Casino Bad Ragaz, Casino In­ter­laken, and Stadtcasino Baden.Un­der the changed own­er­ship struc­ture, Casino Lo­c­arno will sub­mit its ap­plic­a­tion for a B li­cence at the ex­ist­ing loc­a­tion as part of the real­loc­a­tion of casino li­cences.A team led by Stefan Brunnsch­weiler and Alain Raemy provided com­pre­hens­ive leg­al ad­vice to ACE SWISS Group in con­nec­tion with the trans­ac­tion.CMS Switzer­land­Stefan Brunnsch­weiler, Lead, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate / M&AAlain Raemy, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate / M&AM­ark Ca­gi­enard, Part­ner, Tax­Marquard Christen, Part­ner, Com­pet­i­tion & EU­Anna Mast, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate / M&ANad­ine Keller, Train­ee, Cor­por­ate / M&A
CMS ad­vised Dif­fulivre
Dif­fulivre's suc­cess­ful ap­peal be­fore the Swiss Su­preme Court in the French lan­guage books case
CMS ad­vised GENUI on the ac­quis­i­tion of a ma­jor­ity stake in Magno­lia
In­vest­ment com­pany GENUI and Magno­lia, a lead­ing soft­ware vendor in the glob­al di­git­al ex­per­i­ence and con­tent man­age­ment mar­kets, an­nounced that GENUI ac­quired a ma­jor­ity stake in Magno­lia and in­jects sig­ni­fic­ant growth cap­it­al in­to Magno­lia.Magno­lia is an emer­ging vendor pi­on­eer­ing the vis­ion of "com­pos­able" Di­git­al Ex­per­i­ence Plat­forms (DX­Ps). Magno­lia already serves cli­ents in more than 100 coun­tries through nine re­gion­al of­fices and counts many glob­al brands such as The New York Times, San­ofi, Sains­bury's, Ping An and Bechtle as its trus­ted cus­tom­ers. With the fund­ing, the com­pany will con­tin­ue the ex­pan­sion of its glob­al sales and mar­ket­ing foot­print in­clud­ing its tech­no­logy and chan­nel part­ner eco­sys­tems, ac­cel­er­ate product in­nov­a­tion and in­crease glob­al mar­ket aware­ness. GENUI is a com­pany foun­ded by renowned en­tre­pren­eurs and in­vest­ment pro­fes­sion­als who be­lieve in "Good En­tre­pren­eur­ship". GENUI ex­clus­ively makes long-term com­mit­ments to com­pan­ies with the goal of cre­at­ing sus­tain­able growth and so­cial value. Com­pan­ies are giv­en pro­fes­sion­al gov­ernance by get­ting ac­cess to en­tre­pren­eurs with in­dustry-rel­ev­ant ex­pert­ise and their cor­res­pond­ing net­works.A glob­al team led by Dr Daniel Jenny, CMS Switzer­land, provided com­pre­hens­ive leg­al ad­vice to GENUI in con­nec­tion with the trans­ac­tion.CMS Switzer­land Daniel Jenny, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate/M&ADirk Spacek, Part­ner, In­tel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty­Mark Ca­gi­enard, Part­ner, TaxKas­par Landolt, Part­ner, Bank­ing & Fin­anceAl­ex­an­dra Stock­er, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate/M&APas­cal Stock­er, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate/M&AFerdin­and Blezinger, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate/M&AChristina Winter, As­so­ci­ate, Em­ploy­ment­Patrick Ne­her, At­tor­ney Train­ee, Real Es­tateS­ab­rina Djord­jevic, Trade­mark Ad­min­is­trat­or, In­tel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­tyCMS Singa­pore­Toby Grainger, Part­ner­Leslie Tay, As­so­ci­ateS­am Ng, Of-Coun­sel­CMS Spain Ig­an­cio Za­r­za­le­jos, Part­ner­Ana Vázquez Re­cio, As­so­ci­ateP­il­ar Be­cer­ril An­drada-Vander­wilde, Train­eeCMS Czech Re­pub­licHelen Rod­well, Part­ner­Monika Hospudkova, As­so­ci­ateCMS UK­Tom Jameson, Part­nerSarah Kensell, As­so­ci­ateZoe Loftus-Bell, Seni­or Paralegal­Fae­gre Drink­er US­A­Luc At­tlan, Part­ner­Ash­lee M. Ger­many, As­so­ci­ate­David Kay, Seni­or Coun­selVILAF Vi­et­namNgo Thanh Tung, PartnerEsko Cate, As­so­ci­ateN­guy­en Ph­oung Ngan, Coun­sel 
CMS Switzer­land ad­vises in a tri-partite mer­ger in the gem­stone cut­ting...
SER­CAB SA, Proserto SA and VAL'HEURE SA – Swiss lead­ing com­pan­ies act­ive in the gem­stone cut­ting and set­ting in­dustry for over 30 years – merged by way of ab­sorp­tion giv­ing ori­gin to a new SER­CAB GROUP SA, based in Geneva, with more than 200 em­ploy­ees. This stra­tegic mer­ger aims at con­sol­id­at­ing the po­s­i­tion of the three com­pan­ies in the Swiss mar­ket of gem­stones cut­ting and set­ting for the in­dustry of lux­ury watches and jew­elry.CMS Part­ner, Jérôme Lev­rat, as­sisted the three com­pan­ies and their share­hold­ers in this com­plex tri-partite mer­ger, and handled all as­pects of the trans­ac­tion, in­clud­ing the share­hold­ers agree­ment and all satel­lite agree­ments.
CMS ad­vised Viv­alto Santé on its ac­quis­i­tion of a stake in Groupe CIC Santé...
Viv­alto Santé has ac­quired a ma­jor­ity stake in Groupe CIC Santé, a group foun­ded in 2007 by Dr. Maire, which op­er­ates three clin­ics in Switzer­land, spe­cific­ally in can­ton of Vaud and Val­ais, as well as a stake in RX­PM, a com­pany also en­tirely owned by Dr. Maire which op­er­ates in the field of ra­di­ology. This trans­ac­tion will al­low Viv­alto Santé to es­tab­lish it­self in Switzer­land and to ac­cel­er­ate its sig­ni­fic­ant in­ter­na­tion­al de­vel­op­ment. This in­vest­ment, along with the re­sources that Viv­alto Santé will mo­bil­ise, will en­able Groupe CIC Santé to strengthen its or­gan­isa­tion and con­tin­ue to de­vel­op new clin­ics in line with pa­tient­s' ex­pect­a­tions.The CMS team ad­vising on the French law as­pects of this trans­ac­tion con­sisted of Arnaud Hugot, part­ner, and Ant­oine Mel­chi­or, as­so­ci­ate, for the cor­por­ate/M&A as­pects and Laurent Hepp, part­ner, and Am­broise Roux, as­so­ci­ate, for the tax as­pects.The CMS team ad­vising on the Swiss law as­pects con­sisted of Dr. Pas­cal Favre, part­ner, and Audrey Dur­and, as­so­ci­ate, for the Cor­por­ate/M&A as­pects and An­drio Orler, part­ner, for the tax law as­pects. Viv­alto Santé was ad­vised by PwC for the fin­an­cial audit.The sellers were ad­vised by Dupraz Sulc, rep­res­en­ted by Timo Sulc, part­ner.CMS Switzer­land­Dr Pas­cal Favre, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate/M&AAudrey Dur­and, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate/M&AAndrio Orler, Part­ner, Tax law­CMS FranceArnaud Hugot, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate/M&AAn­toine Mel­chi­or, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate/M&ALaurent Hepp, Part­ner, Tax lawAm­broise Roux, As­so­ci­ate, Tax law
CMS ad­vised Axpo on the sale of its shares in Re­power AG
Axpo Hold­ing AG sells its 12.69 % stake in Re­power AG to the co-share­hold­ers Can­ton of Graubünden, Elektriz­ität­swerke des Kan­tons Zürich (EKZ) and UBS Clean En­ergy In­fra­struc­ture Switzer­land. Eight­een months ago, Axpo set the am­bi­tious goal of in­creas­ing its on­shore wind and sol­ar in­stalled ca­pa­city by 3 GW and 10 GW re­spect­ively by 2030, on an in­ter­na­tion­al scale. While the com­pany will re­tain own­er­ship of some of these newly de­veloped plants, the ma­jor­ity will be sold to oth­er in­vestors. In Switzer­land, through its sub­si­di­ary CKW, Axpo plans to in­vest up to CHF 1 bil­lion in photo­vol­ta­ic, wind power, bio­mass, hy­dro­power and oth­er tech­no­lo­gies with­in the coun­try’s reg­u­lat­ory and fin­an­cial frame­work.With this in mind, Axpo con­tinu­ously re­views op­tions to di­vest non-stra­tegic busi­nesses and share­hold­ings, en­abling it to re­deploy the res­ult­ing fin­an­cial re­sources in growth areas. In ac­cord­ance with this strategy, Axpo has now suc­cess­fully dis­posed its 12.69 % minor­ity share­hold­ing in Re­power AG to EKZ, UBS Clean En­ergy In­fra­struc­ture Switzer­land and the Can­ton of Gris­ons. All parties have agreed not to dis­close the pur­chase price.Axpo re­mains the largest pro­du­cer of elec­tri­city from hy­dro­power in the Can­ton of Gris­ons and Switzer­land.A team from CMS Switzer­land, led by part­ner Stephan Wer­len, ad­vised Axpo on all leg­al mat­ters of the trans­ac­tion.CMS Switzer­land­Dr Stephan Wer­len, Part­ner, Cor­por­ate / M&APas­cal Stock­er, As­so­ci­ate, Cor­por­ate / M&A
CMS ad­vised Swiss Prime An­lages­tif­tung and Asga Pen­sion­skassen Gen­os­senschaft
CMS ac­ted as a coun­sel to the buy­er on the ac­quis­i­tion of a not­able com­mer­cial and res­id­en­tial prop­erty in Floris­sant, Geneva, for a con­sid­er­a­tion of CHF 197 mil­lion.