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Newsletter Banking & Finance: Restructuring and Insolvency in Europe


We have interesting commentaries on restructuring and insolvency from 8 different European CMS offices. Specialist lawyers in those 8 different jurisdictions have set out their thoughts on a wide range of topics. The fact that such a variety of subjects has sparked interest in these different jurisdictions illustrates the diverse nature of Europe’s restructuring and insolvency regimes. We are very far from having one standard way of operating in this field; and this newsletter underlines the importance, in such a highly technical area, of strong local experience and expertise.

Our teams in Poland and Switzerland write about fundamental changes to the rules that prevail in their countries, while articles from France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Scotland and the United Kingdom deal with more nuanced developments.

Relevant new Swiss legislation came into force from 1 January this year, built on lessons learned from the 2001 collapse of Swissair. The thrust of these new provisions is to promote restructuring ahead of insolvency.

We are sure that you will find interesting material in this edition of the newsletter. As before, do please contact us with your comments or questions.

CMS Restructuring and Insolvency in Europe Newsletter - Spring 2014


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Dr Kaspar Landolt, LL.M.
Thomas Zweifel
Thomas Zweifel, LL.M.