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Environmental Lawyers

At CMS Carey & Allende we understand the crucial nature of environmental viability for all manner of projects. We provide you with legal services in order to bring projects into fruition, finding the balance of compatibility with the criteria set forth by authorities as well as by the community at large.

We are aware of the vital nature of the underpinnings of the environmental system and an adequate understanding of the same from the very beginning stages of projects, in order to achieve full execution for projected deadlines, providing investors with their projected return.

We aim at foreseeing the effects and impacts of a given project, and we advise you in the preparation, review, correction, and improvement of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). We provide constant follow-up for all applicable environmental engagements.

Another one of CMS Chile´s strengths is our ample experience in contentious administrative proceedings, and claims before the various existing authorities.
Our commitment to you motivates us to take on new challenges, and we have confidence providing on-site advice.

Stephan Luhrmann
Stephan Lührmann, LL.M.
Chile, Santiago
Stephan is Head of  the Environment and ESG Groups at CMS Carey & Allende. He has worked as a civil, commercial and administrative litigation lawyer for the past 11 years, focusing his practice on environmental...