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Mining Lawyers

For over twenty years we have stood alongside our clients in the development of one of Chile's most important industries. The foregoing has allowed us to acquire both knowledge and experience in the mining business, in all of its stages, such as establishment and constitution of mining concessions; obtaining of water-use rights, acquisition of mining concessions, mining property lease agreements and royalty, establishment of easements and right-of-ways, area control and protection and mining trial law.

We combine our knowledge of mining law with our experience in Tax, M&A, employment, environment, public procurement, infrastructure and projects.

CMS Chile also advises various companies from energy, real estate, agriculture, and forestry sectors that require legal advice on mining law matters for the execution of their projects and the adequate protection of their subsoil.

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Jorge Allende Z.
Jorge Allende Z.
Chile, Santiago
Jorge is Head of  the Mining Group at CMS Carey & Allende.  He has participated in various mining projects over the last 25 years, including El Tesoro, Esperanza, Spence, Radomiro Tomic, Andacollo...
Manuel Ponce
Manuel Ponce
Chile, Santiago
Manuel has been part of the Mining Group at CMS Carey & Allende since 2014. His practice focuses on mining and water rights, especially in subsoil protection processes for several projects that CMS Chile...