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CMS partners with Room to Read

Frankfurt, 19 December 2016 – The international law firm CMS is partnering with Room to Read, a global charity organisation that promotes and enables education through programs focused on literacy and gender equality in education.

Like Room to Read, CMS believes that quality of life, health and economic opportunity all depend on education, of which literacy forms a key part. According to data from UNESCO, 89% of all illiterate adults live in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Worldwide, 63% of the adult illiterate population are women.

Children's literacy and girls' education are key to positively transforming lives and ensuring that they can reach their full potential as adults. Room to Read works in collaboration with local communities, partner organisations and governments across Asia and Africa to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children. In addition, it motivates and supports girls to complete secondary school with the skills necessary to negotiate key life decisions.

Cornelius Brandi, Executive Chairman of CMS, comments, “For children to thrive and reach their full potential, being able to read and write is essential. Room to Read’s literacy and education programmes have positively impacted millions of children’s lives, enabling them to contribute to their communities and the world. The support of business partners is critical to Room to Read’s continuing success and we are pleased to be working with them.”

“Room to Read is firmly committed to our partnerships with inspired corporations that support global education,” said Erin Ganju, Room to Read’s CEO and co-founder. “CMS’s investment in the next generation of leaders ensures that thousands of children are given the opportunity to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.”

Room to Read has benefited ten million children across 18,000 communities in Asia and Africa, and aims to reach 15 million children by 2020. CMS plans – through donations, active support and awareness raising – to help Room to Read achieve this goal. 

Press Release Room to Read
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