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CMS Talks about Updates on Food Supplements Regulations in China

17 November 2016

Nicolas Zhu, partner of CMS, China Shanghai Office and head of Lifesciences Sector Group in China, has been invited by Business France and talked about the latest developments on health food regulations in China. The presentation was delivered via an online conference organised by the French Healthcare Alliance (Club Santé Chine) on 9 November 2016.

During the presentation, Farah FLITI (Regulatory Service of Business France) and Nicolas have jointly introduced the adoption and promulgation of the Measures for the Registration and Recording of Health Food, which provide the general principles of the market authorisation process of health food in China.

Speakers from Business France and related companies have shared their insights from the medical marketing perspective and talked about cross-border distribution networks and program Export + Santé according to the following agenda:  

  • Food Complement market in China (with focus on medical marketing)
    Benoit COLINOT, Conseiller export Santé, Business France China
  • Presentation of the Programme Export+ Santé
    Yves GERMANI - Chargé de mission Santé Business France
  • Distribution Channel (with focus on « cross-border »)
    Amandine FERRÉ, Conseillère export Cosmétiques, Business France China
    Jean-Philippe BENOIST, GED, Importer and distributer of cosmetics through cross-border
  • Recent Chinese regulation development 
    Farah FLITI, Service réglementaire de Business France
    Nicolas ZHU – CMS China

Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. It contributes to the development and success of French and foreign businesses wishing to expand abroad.

Established in 2013 during the official visit of French President François Hollande to China, the French Healthcare Alliance (Club Santé Chine) brings together (with the support of the French Embassy) 125 French healthcare companies active in China. It aims to offer competitive and innovative products and services to meet with local Chinese requirements and develop value added medical, scientific, financial and commercial partnerships with local stakeholders.

To learn more about the presentation, please contact Nicolas Zhu

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