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Chinese Tax Regulation Update - February and March 2019

As you may have known, the Chinese government has been executing tax reduction programs since early this year. As a result, a dozen of new circulars and announcements were issued during the past months and the relevant preferential tax policies have been reflected in these regulations. Having studied these regulations, we hereby circulate the monthly tax rules update for
both February 2019 and March 2019 for your attention. You may also look forward to our digest of the recently issued follow-up regulations in respect of the new PRC Individual Income Tax (“IIT”) Law – we will share with you a separate article next month on this topic. Enjoy your reading.

The latest development in China Tax Regulation mainly includes:

  • Caishui [2019] No. 8, jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance (“MoF”), the State Administration of Taxation (“SAT”), the National Development and Reform Commission and the China Securities Regulatory Commission
  • Caishui [2019] No.13 (“Circular”), SAT Announcement [2019] No.2 (“Announcement 2”), SAT Announcement [2019] No.4 (“Announcement 4”) and SAT Announcement [2019] No.5 (“Announcement 5”)
  • SAT Announcement [2019] No.8
  • SAT Announcement [2019] No.12, jointly released by the State Administration of Taxation (“SAT”), the Ministry of Finance (“MoF”) and the People’s Bank of China
  • Announcement [2019] No. 39 (“Announcement 39”), jointly released by the MoF, the SAT and the General Administration of Customs (“GAC”), and SAT Announcement [2019] No. 14 (“Announcement 14”)

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