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Shanghai Regulations Stipulate that Product Defects Must be Reported to Authorities

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On 1 September 2012, the new Shanghai Municipality Regulations on Product Quality (“Shanghai Regulations”) will enter into effect. The Shanghai Regulations have been adopted by the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress. With the Shanghai Regulations, the Shanghai Municipality intends to establish and promote high local quality standards for goods within the Shanghai area.

The Shanghai Regulations are applicable to any person or entity that manufactures or sells a product within the area of Shanghai. Several provisions of the Shanghai Regulations match the exact wording of national legislation, i.e. the PRC Product Quality Law and PRC Tort Law. However, certain articles are innovative and diverge from national law. As local provisions, the Shanghai Regulations do not rank above national law, but they must be abided by in Shanghai if they contain stricter requirements than national law.

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China Insight - Shanghai Regulations Stipulate that Product...
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