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The real estate and infrastructure sectors in Colombia have grown significantly in recent years due to incentives for purchase of residential properties, the arrival of international players, strengthening of the infrastructure industry in different regions, the growth of intermediate-sized cities around the country, and an unprecedented road construction program launched by the Colombian Government known as the Fourth (4th) Generation Roads Program.

When looking to invest in the real estate or infrastructure sectors in Colombia or when the investment involves the participation of complex actors and investment structures, rely on the Real Estate & Construction team at CMS Rodríguez-Azuero who will provide you with strategic, efficient and innovative solutions to structure businesses within the dynamic market of the sectors.

We provide advice in the structuring of businesses and projects in all stages, with the premise of achieving legal efficiency, mitigation of risk and contractual agility, as well as in matters of assets and property, investor linkage, community management and relations with neighbours, insurance management, license management, management of partial plans, support in all types of real estate transactions, administration of property portfolios, execution of contracts, property leases, horizontal property and litigation directly related to the operation of the project.

Additionally, the firm offers advice, regarding actions of the urban curator or district authority derived from planning licenses, advice in sanction processes due to construction deficiencies and deterioration of the asset. We offer comparative legal concepts of urban actions for the identification of generative events, advice on the determination, settlement and calculation of participation in the added value tax and the structuration of systems for equitable distribution of charges and benefits.

We also have significant experience of advising clients on the review and analysis of concession, construction, auditing, EPC and other contracts. Our advice covers the infrastructural, environmental, corporate and other major issues of projects.

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