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Calle 77 No. 7-44 Off. 202
Torre Siete 77
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13 January 2021
Leg­al min­im­um wage in­crease and trans­port­a­tion al­low­ance for 2021
DE­CREE 1785 OF 2020: MIN­IM­UM LEG­AL MONTHLY WAGE FOR 2021Con­sid­er­ing the eco­nom­ic and health crisis gen­er­ated by the glob­al COV­ID-19 pan­dem­ic, the year 2021 began as one of the most dif­fi­cult in Colom­bia...
11 January 2021
CMS Ex­pert Guide to 5G reg­u­la­tion and law
At the start of a New Year, most people agree that 5G will change our lives for the bet­ter. Un­like earli­er mo­bile gen­er­a­tions, 5G will not only mark a rad­ic­al change in the way we com­mu­nic­ate (low latency...
19 January 2021
The Fu­ture is Now: The New World of Work
As coun­tries con­tin­ue to struggle with COV­ID-19 while also try­ing to re­tain at least a semb­lance of busi­ness as usu­al, the way we work has been changed ex­tens­ively, in some re­spects po­ten­tially forever.The...
07 January 2021
Tax Bul­let­in No. 30
We share our Tax Bul­let­in No. 30 from Decem­ber 2020, in which you can find, among oth­er top­ics, the most rel­ev­ant tax mat­ters con­tained in the gen­er­al tour­ism law and the en­tre­pren­eur­ship law. In ad­di­tion...
18 December 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to re­new­able en­ergy law and reg­u­la­tion
Down­load our ded­ic­ated "Re­new­ables guide" pdf by click­ing on the link be­low Re­new­ables guide In­tro­duc­tion This guide in­cludes con­tri­bu­tions from some of the most act­ive law­yers in the re­new­ables sec­tor...
23 December 2020
We don't have to say again what we've already said count­less (too many) times about all that this year has meant to us, our fam­il­ies, and all as­pects of our lives.And des­pite the fact that this year has...
27 October 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide on sexu­al har­ass­ment in the work­place
Wel­come to our CMS Ex­pert Guide on sexu­al har­ass­ment in the work­place. How dif­fer­ent coun­tries re­spon­ded to the #MeT­oo move­ment and how the law reg­u­lates work­place har­ass­ment on a glob­al scale were key...
18 December 2020
Due pro­cess and de­fence guar­an­tee in ter­min­a­tions of the em­ploy­ment con­tract...
Colom­bia´s Su­preme Court re­it­er­ated their po­s­i­tion in re­gards to the de­fence guar­an­tee in those cases in which an em­ploy­er ter­min­ates an em­ploy­ee´s con­tract with a fair cause, re­mind­ing that this meas­ure...
21 September 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to em­ploy­ment ter­min­a­tion law and le­gis­la­tion
The CMS Ex­pert Guide to Dis­missals has been cre­ated to as­sist an em­ploy­er in an­ti­cip­at­ing all the pos­sible courses of events when the de­cision has been made to ter­min­ate an em­ploy­ee (i.e. end an em­ploy­ment...
16 December 2020
New norm amends the Gen­er­al Law of Tour­ism and reg­u­lates the pro­vi­sion...
On Decem­ber 11, 2020, Con­gress ap­proved the text of the law that amends the Gen­er­al Law of Tour­ism and is­sues oth­er pro­vi­sions. The law is ex­pec­ted to be ap­proved by the Pres­id­ency of the Re­pub­lic in...
01 September 2020
CMS Ex­pert Guide to re­struc­tur­ing and in­solv­ency law
Re­struc­tur­ings, es­pe­cially those in­volving mul­tiple jur­is­dic­tions, are in­vari­ably com­plex mat­ters. This CMS Ex­pert Guide provides an over­view of the vari­ous re­struc­tur­ing pos­sib­il­it­ies avail­able in a...
14 December 2020
Tax Bul­let­in No. 29
We share our Tax Bul­let­in No. 29, from Novem­ber 2020, in which you can find, among oth­ers top­ics, a sum­mary of the most im­port­ant points of De­cree 1435 of 2020, which reg­u­lates sev­er­al is­sues for the...