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Sharing our journey to Net Zero

In the same way as all businesses are now ‘tech businesses’, all businesses are now ‘green businesses’. Whether a law firm, an energy company, a global bank, a real estate developer, a pharmaceutical company or a technology company, we all share an ethical and business imperative to address climate change across our own operations. We believe, by sharing our journey to Net Zero we can support each other to secure a sustainable future for us all.

Net Zero by 2025

CMS UK and its international offices are committed to reaching Net Zero by 2025. This commitment is backed by Science Based Targets to ensure independent, scientific verification of our progress. 

Sustainable supply chains

Scope 3 emissions are those created by an organisation’s supply chain. As a supplier of legal services our ambition to reach Net Zero by 2025 benefits all of our clients. We are also actively engaging with our own supply chain to encourage them to reduce their impact on the environment. This includes rigorous procurement processes and workshops to support suppliers with climate action. 


From oil and gas majors to institutional investors, the advice we are providing and experience we are garnering on climate change benefits clients across multiple sectors. 

Net Zero Forum 

During the course of 2020 we have been talking to clients across a wide variety of sectors about how they are addressing climate change and sustainability.

What became clear is that we would all benefit from sharing our approaches.

CMS will therefore is launching its Net Zero Forum. The Forum will include regular panel discussions, dinners and networking events (virtual or otherwise) to discuss key strategic, operational and legal issues related to climate action.
These sessions will include key insights from market leaders and commentators. 

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