Pro bono activity for Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart, a civic foundation whose aim is to support and improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people in the city of Stuttgart.

CMS Germany has established the CMS Foundation (CMS Stiftung) with the aim of making expert legal advice and representation available to people in need and thus providing "access to justice".
Despite the existence of legal aid, many people on the margins of society have no access to legal support, with the result that they do not get the justice to which they are entitled. The CMS Foundation provides financial support to help fill this gap. It works closely with specialist organisations, law clinics and other initiatives.

Under the slogan “CMS for the DKMS”, the firm takes part in the charity event B2Run (before: BusinessRun-Heroes) to raise money for the German Bone Marrow Donor Center (DKMS) since 2014 - with over 8 million registered stem cell donors, the DKMS is the world’s largest database of donors in the fight against leukaemia.
We are committed to providing all blood cancer patients with access to appropriate stem cell donors.

Sponsor of the Dieter Müller soccer school – a former member of Germany’s national team, Dieter Müller has been sharing his enthusiasm for the sport, team play and tactics with young people for over 20 years, including enabling children from disadvantaged backgrounds to take part in football camps via a patron scheme.

Sponsorship of PIK AS e.V. – an organisation in Hamburg dedicated to looking after homeless people, improving their social circumstances and health, as well as helping to re-integrate them into society.

CMS is a premium partner of the JOBLINGE initiative and provides free legal advice to JOBLINGE branches all over Germany. The firm also supports the charitable organisation with donations in cash and kind. JOBLINGE helps young people from difficult backgrounds and creates career opportunities for them by integrating them into the job market and society. 70 percent of the young people who are looked after by the JOBLINGE organisation get a job.

Sponsorship of Kölner Tafel e.V. – an organisation in Cologne that distributes surplus food supplies to facilities for the needy.

Member of Pro Bono Deutschland e.V. – an association established by leading commercial law firms in Germany to encourage more German lawyers to provide legal advice free of charge for non-profit organisations and causes (“pro bono legal advice”).

CMS has partnered with Room to Read, a global charity organisation that promotes and enables education through programmes focused on literacy and gender equality in education. Like Room to Read, CMS believes that quality of life, health and economic opportunity all depend on education, of which literacy forms a key part.